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To save the most money, combing your home and autos can save you on average an additional 30%!

Our Agents

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Pam Heisey, CPIA


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Chaz Timmons, CPIA


Things to know

To offer you the most accurate quote please be prepared to give us the appropriate information. Including your personal information, year, make, model of vehicles & current coverages!


Auto Insurance

PDM offers auto coverage trough 40 different carriers. What that means for you is getting the best price, Always!

On average our agents can beat most companies prices up to 40%!

Luxury Home



Much like our auto coverages, PDM offers you over 40 different options to save you the MOST and provide you with the highest coverage possible on your home!

PDM Understands your home is your biggest investment and we want to make sure you have the best coverages.


Toy & Motorcycles

PDM offers coverage on all your favorites. 

Motorcycle, Travel Trailers, RV, ATV, RZR's & More!