About PDM Insurance Agency:

How an Independent Agency benefits YOU

PDM Insurance: Proud to be an Independent Insurance Agency

PDM Insurance LogoIt’s a fact of life…and business…that prices go up.  That fact is true with virtually any product or service, and that includes insurance.  What many people forget is that there’s an equally true fact of life: having choices saves you money.  It creates competition and competition helps to regulate pricing.

As an Independent Agency we represent many different insurance companies, offering you a variety of options to meet your specific needs.  Let’s say you receive a notice that your premiums are increasing.  Your PDM Agent starts shopping among our network of trusted, top-ranked insurance carriers to find coverage that protects you at the best possible rate.  With PDM Insurance Agency, the focus is on YOU.

PDM Insurance Agency represents many of the nation’s top insurance companies, enabling us to provide excellent coverage at the best available rates.  That’s the power of independence working for you!

We still make house calls!

It’s true.  Although they’re always welcome, few of our customers have seen the inside of our office.  If we’re going to write a policy to protect you and/or what you own, it only makes sense for us to actually come and see what we’re going to insure.  More often than not, we’ll catch things you may have overlooked, and that’s a good thing if you ever have to file a claim.  We never try to sell you insurance that you don’t need…but we want to make sure you have the insurance you do need.

PDM: Looking after you today AND tomorrow

Most people purchase insurance, pay the premiums and forget about their coverage unless they need it.  The problem with this approach is that life seldom stays the same.  Your family grows, you acquire new things, you sell some things, your risks change and suddenly your policy doesn’t reflect your current needs.  That’s why we offer an annual review so we KNOW what your risks are, even when things change.

People helping people: that’s PDM Insurance

We’re proud to offer the latest technology and we always provide the best available coverage from top-rated companies, BUT there’s more to PDM than technology and policies.
We treat people the same way we want to be treated.  We listen, we ask questions and we get to know you.

We pamper you.  We DON’T pester you.

If you receive something from us in the mail, be sure to open it because it’s important.  We won’t inundate you with offers or pester you with proposals.  It’s never been our style and it never will be.  We know it’s not what you want or expect from us.

That’s why 98% of our customers stay with us each and every year.  It’s the same reason our business continues to grow through referrals.